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2016 Exhibiting Artists

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NameEmailBooth #MediumImage
Gaski, Karen freebird_skg AT yahoo.com 705 Jewelry
Gonzalez, Enrique info AT artsallianceservices.com 529 Fine Art
Tekeli, Emre
Ersin, Ayse
tekelidesigns AT hotmail.com 821 Jewelry
Swinney, Diane & Roger creativestainedglass72 AT yahoo.com 824 Glass
Hemmerling, Janeth hemmerling72 AT yahoo.com 920 Jewelry
Kinney, Stacy STACYKINNEY2 AT AOL.COM 911 Wood
Kelsey, Tina tinastiaras AT gmail.com 827 Jewelry
Bauer, Lauren
Hendley, Daniel
brandedwoodwork AT gmail.com 826 Wood
Gonzalez, Diane dianebydesigns AT yahoo.com 819 Jewelry
Olugunna, Rahmon RahmonOlugunna AT gmail.com 818 Painting
McKinney, Paula divinefiberarts AT gmail.com 814 Fiber
Skully, Frank fjskully AT gmail.com 813 Wood
Staley, Heather hrstaley AT gmail.com 808 Fiber
Gaunt, DeMaris demarisgaunt AT gmail.com 807 Jewelry
Shepard, Petty
Otieno, Mary
novella123 AT charter.net 723 Fiber
Brenner, Peter PBRENNER0187 AT WOWWAY.COM 716 Jewelry
Cook, Marilyn kmcook49 AT yahoo.com 629 Jewelry
Riley, Derrick drockpress AT hotmail.com 628 Paper
Tegmeyer-Rodriguez, Tanya
Rodriguez, Arturo
b-townbeads AT hotmail.com 627 Jewelry
Cordell, Carolyn metalpaintings AT gmail.com 626 Fine Arts - Mixed Media
Bodenberg, Don davincisilver AT cinci.rr.com 625 Jewelry
Lahlum, Linnea linlahlum AT gmail.com 359 Jewelry
Mutisya, Evelyne evelynemutisya AT gmail.com 622 Fiber
Peters, Tim petersstudios AT gmail.com 519 Pottery
Iglesias , Renzo info AT lharmoniejewelry.com 603 Jewelry