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2016 Exhibiting Artists

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NameEmailBooth #MediumImage
Tekeli, Emre
Ersin, Ayse
tekelidesigns AT hotmail.com 821 Jewelry
Swinney, Diane & Roger creativestainedglass72 AT yahoo.com 824 Glass
Hemmerling, Janeth hemmerling72 AT yahoo.com 920 Jewelry
McKinney, Paula divinefiberarts AT gmail.com 814 Fiber
Staley, Heather hrstaley AT gmail.com 808 Fiber
Shepard, Petty
Otieno, Mary
novella123 AT charter.net 723 Fiber
Riley, Derrick drockpress AT hotmail.com 628 Paper
Bodenberg, Don davincisilver AT cinci.rr.com 625 Jewelry
Lahlum, Linnea linlahlum AT gmail.com 359 Jewelry
Peters, Tim petersstudios AT gmail.com 519 Pottery
Meier, Carole cwmeier4956 AT yahoo.com 623 Pottery
Reyes, Colleen sebella1923 AT gmail.com 357 Misc
Bailey, Tim weaselhouse5 AT gmail.com 351 Wearables
Graham, Kelly mybeargraham AT msn.com 316 Fiber
Van Duyn, Paul ofthedunes AT gmail.com 307 Mixed Media
Lee, John and Mary marysdesigns AT columbus.rr.com 128 Jewelry
Lizzie Gulick semillabesada AT gmail.com 529 Wearable/Fiber
Amy Barrick mudrootpottery AT gmail.com 517 Pottery
Sandro Akhvlediani sandroah AT hotmail.com 345 Jewelry
Robin Willman treechimes AT gmail.com 350 Jewelry
Chamberlain, Tom tomchamberlain847 AT msn.com 322 Clay/Pottery
Cissna, Linda gemweaver4u AT gmail.com 531 Jewelry
Harrell, Janice jdharrell8 AT gmail.com 721 Paper
Ziegler, Bart and Christina tinaziegler1 AT yahoo.com 424 Jewelry
Willman, Robyn treechimes AT gmail.com 350 Jewelry