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2016 Exhibiting Artists

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NameEmailBooth #MediumImage
Boyett, John john_boyett AT yahoo.com 620 Glass
Brown, Paul paul AT earthybrowns.com 615 Misc
Corner, Sean seancorner AT juno.com 923 Clay/Misc
Flodder, Linda lflodder AT sbcglobal.net 720 Gourds
Laine, Philippe Claude philippedujour AT yahoo.com 914 Fiber
Tarquinio, Ted tedtarquinio AT gmail.com 612 Photography
Richard, Douglas art AT squirrelywood.com 520
Stone, Kathleen gorksocks AT msn.com 122 Fiber
Welch, Linda S. linda AT lindaswelch.com 204 Jewelry
Thatcher, Connie dragonkiln AT sbcglobal.net 331 Jewelry
Williams, Dan danwilliamsbirds AT yahoo.com 352 Photography
Aronson, Robin robin AT baronson.org 726 Jewelry
Rymarquis, Jerry brymarquis AT juno.com 905 Wood
Schloz, Kate & Tom tkschloz AT consolidated.net 310 Clay/Pottery
Shields, Mikey twohandedmikey AT aol.com 719 Misc
Spicknell, Tim tspicknell AT indy.rr.com 339 Glass
Steele, "Pete" snowshadowjewelry AT comcast.net 522 Jewelry
Sybilrud, Dustin harpstone2 AT hotmail.com 803 Jewelry
Willey, Robin rwilley AT effingham.net 715 Clay/Pottery
Shawe Memorial|High School Art Students shawefischmer AT popeace.org 207 Misc
Madison Consolidated|High School Art Students pkelsey AT madison.k12.in.us 209 Misc
Fritz, Mary kmfritz AT zoomtown.com 342 Misc
Shadwick, David shadwick AT podsforge.com 906 Metal
Southwestern|High School Art Students dmeans AT swjcs.us 208 Misc
Bowen, Bill & Gean octopotbowen AT twc.com 107 Clay/Pottery