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2019 Exhibiting Artists

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NameEmailBooth #MediumImage
Freniere-Gibson, Julie julie AT woodandsliver.com 624 Wood
McGrath, Claire & Roland clairem AT indy.rr.com 622 Jewelry
O'Daniel, Bev seaturtleclay AT gmail.com 527 Clay/Pottery
Kou, Godwin godwinkou AT aol.com 525 Fine Art
Watson, Ruth Ann & Dennis birkatadonaifarm AT yahoo.com 513 Miscellaneous
Pace, Kyle and Kate kmpaces AT gmail.com 511 Jewelry
Poitau, Annette annettepoitau AT yahoo.com 510 Fine Art
Lucas, Lynn nuviews AT msn.com 805 Wearable
Mountz, Victoria vmountz AT gmail.com 340 Jewelry
Hicks, Tara TaraVistaDesigns AT yahoo.com 337 Jewelry
Hatzidakis, Dawn dawn AT designsbydawnky.com 329 Jewelry
Smith, Woody woodyandjudy1547 AT hotmail.com 309 Wood
Reed, Tom O. tom AT tomoreed.com 304 Wood
Hanover College 206 Miscellaneous
Sy, LaDonna ldsy AT comcast.net 131 Fiber
Kapoor, Gopal pal9541 AT yahoo.com 129 Jewelry
Jury, Tyler claytonandcrume AT gmail.com 115 Leather
Lundgren, Eric & Glenda ericandglendalundgren AT gmail.com 106 Jewelry
Lazar, Tom tlazar AT lazarart.com 103 Photography
Haines, Sharon kshaines AT scrtc.com 603 Everlastings
Phillips, Sally J. kidnapbygypsies AT aol.com 528 Jewelry
Beck, Patti herbsandclaypottery AT gmail.com 201 Clay/Misc
Chalfant, Scott aband4 AT consolidated.net 123 Wood
Galbraith, Dallas dallasgailbraith AT aol.com 809 Metal
Abbott, Carrie carrie AT frittlecandy.com 403 Misc