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2017 Exhibiting Artists

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NameEmailBooth #MediumImage
Hemmerling, Janeth hemmerling72 AT yahoo.com 920 Jewelry
McKinney, Paula divinefiberarts AT gmail.com 814 Fiber
Shepard, Petty
Otieno, Mary
novella123 AT charter.net 723 Fiber
Riley, Derrick drockpress AT hotmail.com 628 Paper
Peters, Tim petersstudios AT gmail.com 519 Pottery
Meier, Carole cwmeier4956 AT yahoo.com 623 Pottery
Van Duyn, Paul ofthedunes AT gmail.com 307 Mixed Media
Lee, John and Mary marysdesigns AT columbus.rr.com 128 Jewelry
Cissna, Linda gemweaver4u AT gmail.com 531 Jewelry
Harrell, Janice jdharrell8 AT gmail.com 721 Paper
Willman, Robyn treechimes AT gmail.com 350 Jewelry
Whitten, Craig craig AT craigwhitten.com 344 Mixed Media
Wallis, Robert robtmwall AT aol.com 605 Photography
Stafford, Teresa NikNaks2015 AT yahoo.com 713 Jewelry
Rujuwa, Peter Rujuwa 112 Fine Art/Sculpture
Pearson, Gary garypearson1 AT mac.com 114 Photography
Harris, Steven
Harris, Annette
steveswoodcrafters AT outlook.com 611 Wood
Gipe, Ruth ruthgipe AT hotmail.com 326 Paper
Gilbert-Collick, Susan info AT daisychainsjewelry.com 524 Jewelry
Cowart, Patricia cowart4 AT hotmail.com 127 Fine Art
Kerlin, Mavis 363 Misc
Virnig, Donna djpix AT sbcglobal.net 356 Fine Art
Waite, William williamw8 AT yahoo.com 347 Wood
Bergstrom, Paul info AT mtnmelodies.com 132 Misc
Brown, Marianne stampedclay AT kih.net 619 Clay/Pottery